Seeing college as a rite of passage: What might be possible?


Author: Dr. David Blumenkrantz

College is a community of diversity. Whatever else college may be to such a diverse citizenry – students, staff, faculty, administration and parents – it is a place where young people come of age. This article briefly explores what a rite of passage is (and is not), the importance and benefits of such experiences, and some practical strategies for integrating rites of passage into the campus setting.

College is a place where intentional rites of passage can be of service to a student’s identity and social development, with additional benefits for the college community as well as the larger society. Intentionally designed rite-of-passage experiences can powerfully impact students and the greater college environment.

Written by Blumenkrantz, D.G. & Goldstein, M., in Hanson, C., (ed) In search of self: Exploring undergraduate Identity Development. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, (2014).

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