Pay It Forward x2

Name your price!


$1 from you becomes $2 of value in kind… and over time much more! Help provide equitable access to educational resources, programs and events by giving a contribution of extraordinary value.


Doing good does not always feel good when you have to make a decision between all the great causes and places that need support. Rather than an “either/or” scarcity mindset, let’s embrace a “both and more” abundance mindset.
What if your contribution could be exponentially increased?

Would you turn $1 into $2? We can!

How does it work?

Your contribution will not only support PERMIE KIDs work, but we pledge to gift in kind x2 to other ethical educational efforts including:

1. Institute of Permaculture Education for Children (IPEC)
2. Permacognition and the Regenerative Edge-ucation Collective
3. The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann
4. Grow Do It musical gardening web/TV series for children by Charlie Mgee of Formidable Vegetable Sound System
5. Center for Youth & Community Rite Of Passage Experience ROPE
6. Beyond Organic Design
7. Green Seed Arts
8. Community events, workshops and programs
Imagine how your contribution will grow in value exponentially using this model.
Please consider giving a contribution of extraordinary value… for the future of all our children and our planet.

Please contribute whatever value you are able and we vow to match and multiply it in kind by 2. 

Help us provide equitable access to educational resources, workshops and events. Your one-time tip for extraordinary value supports program development, materials, and financial aid for families and educational communities in need.

All contributions no matter the size are greatly appreciated and feed into maintaining and enriching learning opportunities for this community.

Your support helps us and our collaborative partners provide:

  1. Free educational events for children, families and educational communities
  2. Equitable access to education via sliding scale payment options and need-based aid for classes and programs

For every $1 contributed we will pay it forward x2 in kind. 

What does “in kind” mean? It means we support innovative and consciousness changing education, projects and efforts through a combination of financial, experiential, intellectual, social, material, cultural, living and spiritual capital at x2 the value we receive… and we hope to just increase this ratio over time with your support.

Thank you Money for the featured image (CC BY 2.0)


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