Lifetime Membership


Join our community as a Lifetime Member. Just one payment, one time = lifetime of benefits!

Become a Lifetime Member for a one-time payment and get all current and future benefits of Grassroots Supporter membership!

Note: We accept various forms of capital both online or offline including more traditional things like silver, but also a work-share-learn opportunity. If you choose to pay in ways other than US dollars, Bitcoin, or via credit card, please be sure to choose the pay offline option when checking out. We are more than happy to negotiate a way to pay with part traditional forms of capital and part through other means.

By the way, we do not recommend using a credit card and accumulating debt, even for something as worthwhile as education. Please don’t hesitate to contact the founder, Jen Mendez, directly at to see if we can find another way other than adding debt onto a credit card.

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