Inspiration Grows: Cultivating the Learning Landscape e-Book



The PERMIE KIDs “Inspiration Grows” 26 page e-book (PDF) showcases the framework that can help you use interconnected ethical edges, natural thinking tools, community virtues and transdisciplinary concepts to cultivating the “learning landscape.” This e-book provides educators a natural learning framework that anyone can use to cultivate a “learning landscape” that nourishes life. 

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The PERMIE KIDs “Inspiration Grows” framework is the foundation for all our educational consultations, courses, materials and lesson plans. Playfully embrace your natural creativity and learn the framework for co-creating an ethical learning landscape.

Here is what is included in the e-book:

Inspiration Grows Cultivating the Learning Landscape - Table of Contents

Want to know more? Download and read the Inspiration Grows: Cultivating the Learning Landscape – Preview.



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