Monthly Guild Membership

Min: $50.00

$99.00 every Month

Get the support your educational group needs for as little as $3.25/day.

You and your community of 3-20 adults working with children ages 4-12 can learn how to collaboratively design a playful community and nature-oriented learning landscape with children for any educational organization or program.

This level of membership is best for a community of educators (i.e. a local “guild”) desiring to collaboratively design the learning landscape for an educational organization or program, such as a homeschooling co-op, garden, farm or forest school or even a summer camp.

Get all the benefits offered to Grassroots Supporters (VALUED AT $250!) which includes:

1. EPEC Series I: Empower the Parent, Empower the Child five-hour audio series because true empowerment = freedom and responsibility. (learn more)

2. What’s Home: Community and Place-Based Learning course with 40+ educational tools and 100+ activities. (learn more)

3. Inspiration Grows: Cultivating the Learning Landscape e-Book (learn more)

4. Tabletop Tutors™: Eco-Farming Principles series with seven posters about composting, organic foods, seed diversity, and the critical role bees play in our food and greater ecosystem

5. Members only specials on select electronic downloadable products posted in our store


With your Guild Membership pledge your “guild” gets all the benefits of Grassroots Supporters PLUS:

1. Educational Design Course (EDC) (learn more$1000 value)

2. EPEC Series I: Empower the Parent, Empower the Children six-hour audio series plus e-workbook. Empower the educator within to empower the children. Learn to relate to children in new ways, be more responsive, balanced, and calm. Discover practical skills and approaches to help children of any age love learning, short exercises to help children reconnect and remain their True Selves, and even ways to be empower oneself when working as a change-maker within the traditional school system. (link coming soon – $49.95 value)

3. Exclusive Community Supported Education (CSE) Seller Member status to post, share and sell the materials you create with this community such as educational guides, books, curricula, games and more and you keep 99% of the profit (learn morepriceless and limitless value)

Save $


Get a yearly Guild Membership!

Yes, this adds up to way more than the cost of the yearly Guild Membership and that is not counting all the other forms of value that you will receive from being part of this community. This is by design!

Guild Members bring knowledge, ideas, and expertise into the community, adding value for others and PERMIE KIDs overall. Therefore, this level of membership is intended to honor and recognize this. Together, the value of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Note: We accept various forms of capital both online or offline including more traditional things like silver, but also a work-share-learn opportunity. If you choose to pay in ways other than US dollars, Bitcoin, or via credit card, please be sure to choose the pay offline option when checking out.

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