Food Forest Card Game


Beyond linear gardening… The Food Forest games move you beyond the garden row, into the web of relationships that connects plants, insects, animals and people. With these cards you will play fun, challenging games based on relationships found in a real food forest, matching the inputs on one card to outputs on another. By matching these relationships you begin to understand how to use the complex web of nature to your advantage, both in the game and in the garden.

Don’t want to wait for the pack of cards to come in the mail? Download and print your own cards for half the price!

Every Purchase Builds Living Capital

Did you know that for every deck sold, the creator of the Food Forest Card Game plants 22 trees?!

Four Card GuildPlay, Plan, Plant

If you are planning your food forest, these cards can help you to brainstorm locations, sun requirements, and possible guilds that you can create in real life. In addition to inputs and outputs, each card shows suggested Permaculture zones, sun requirements, forest layer information and a helpful description of the item represented. From roots and fungus to the forest canopy, you’ll be playing with real information that can translate into better food forests.

Fun Games, Infinite Outcomes

food-forest-box-transparent-with-shadows-small The Food Forest cards have been described as a “combinatorial explosion”. While many of the games you can play with the cards are fairly simple to learn, the possible combinations of cards are so complex that even the fastest computers would require an intolerable amount of time to examine them all. We are always designing new games for the cards, and each one teaches the limitless possibilities of regenerative gardening.

Learn more about how to play and the multitude of games people have created with these cards.

A Responsible, Local Investment

The Food Forest card game is printed at Omnicolor Printing in Rhode Island, USA, a small, environmentally sensitive printer. Our materials are responsibly sourced and every deck sold from this website pays for planting a minimum of 22 trees – not just offsetting our impact, but honestly improving the environment.Karl Treen - Food Forest Card Game

Funds raised from the sale of these cards help to support the environmental education programs and resources developed, and shared, by Food Forest Card Game creator, Karl Treen. As a volunteer environmental educator, Karl works with school children and adults in Southern New England, teaching them the principles of urban Permaculture and reforestation.

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