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True empowerment means freedom and responsibility. Now that’s EPEC (pun intended)!

Increase family harmony using practical advice, modern/child psychology, and spirituality that helps us connect to things greater than just ourselves with the 12-episode “Empower the Parent, Empower the Children” (EPEC) series. Explore self- and family-empowerment by learning about:

  • The seriousness business of play
  • Self-healing because a it takes two to make a pattern but only one to break it
  • Effective family communication strategies
  • Essentials for 21st Century fatherhood
  • The science (quantum physics!) and developing wisdom in family patterns and systems

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This audio+email series, created by Zahra Lightway the founder of Light Way Schools and its new branch Light Way Learning, is your own personal connection to the best advice for parents from experts in the fields of child, family and educational development like Dr. Peter Gray, Peter Tongue, Sueh all, Charlie Kouns, Lenore Skenazy, Emily Waymire, Judy Guadalupe, Terry Damlos, Cezarina Trone, and, of course, Zahra Lightway herself.

12 Episodes – Sneak Peek

“The Serious Business of Play” (67 min)

Self Healing: When You Change, Your Child’s Behavior Changes Too!” (55 min)

“Communication: Tools for Overcoming Drama” (48 min)

“Empowerment Means Freedom and Responsibility” (48 min)

“Essentials for 21st Century Fathers” (59 min)

“How Quantum Physics may be the Key to Healing Unhealthy Patterns, Part I” (72 min)

“The REAL Story about Safety for Children Today” (45 min)

“How Quantum Physics may be the Key to Healing, Part II” (84 min)

“What’s the Purpose of Education” (45 min)

“The Trouble with Our Boys” (56 min)

“The Serious Business of Play” (41 min)

“How to Thrive as Parents in the 21st Century: A Synthesis” (49 min)

Remember, you are not alone. Get this series because, as the saying goes, “The path is made by walking… together!”

Do you want to…

  • Spend more time enjoying your kids and less time lost in conflict?
  • Increase empowerment, respect, and clear communication?
  • Decrease conflict, reactivity and undesirable behavior?

“Empower The Parent, Empower The Children” (EPEC) will help you learn how to increase family harmony using practical advice, modern/child psychology, and spirituality. The result: Empowered parents inspiring their children to be the best they can be.

“I have listened to the first talk and I really enjoyed it. Can you send me the complete series? Once I listened to them, can I listen to them again or it is just the one time? I think I might have to listen to them a few times to make sure that sticks to me. The first talk was amazing so I can’t wait to hear more.” – Patricia, (Integrity Academy, Austin, Texas

Are any of the following true for you?

  • Losing your temper over your child’s behavior even when you’re determined not to
  • No matter how hard you try, communication often breaks down especially with your teens
  • Feeling stuck in a cycle of rewards and punishment that doesn’t bring a change in behavior
  • Repeated struggles with your children over honoring boundaries you put in place
  • Sense of helpless as you watch your kids love of learning disappear
  • Concern about how to keep your kids safe in a world you have been told is full of danger

Empower The Parent, Empower The Children was made to help you with these and many other issues.

You will learn how to

  • Self-empower and set the conditions to support and trust your children’s empowerment with both freedom and responsibility
  • Support your children’s love of learning by challenging 4 myths of Educational Practice
  • Set boundaries that work and are respected using 5 parent-child communication strategies

… and so much more like the how to avoid the most common parenting mistake, how your upbringing and education affected you, how to break old habits like the common “reward and punishment” parenting model, top safety issues facing parents today and how to deal with them, challenges facing boys in the learning environment, causes of play deficit disorder (PDD) and how to avoid it, and the awesome potential opportunities for fathers in the 21st Century.

“I just heard the first part of the series. It’s just what I needed to hear. I had a big cry at the end with the music. It was a release and a realization that I want to thank you for. I want to be the parent I need to be so my boys can thrive and be happy and most of all, be in joy together. Thank you for all that you do from the bottom of my heart. It’s very special work that is the most important on this planet right now.” -Rhiannon (Australia)

Episodes – More Information

The Serious Business of Play

This is a must hear episode with Dr. Peter Gray, author of the book Free to Learn.

Many parents have come to see play as a frivolous waste of time, BUT research clearly shows play is essential to children’s well-being and academic success. Peter’s recent research focuses on the role of play in human evolution and how children educate themselves through play and exploration, when they are free to do so. He has expanded on these ideas in his book, “ Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life.” He also authors a regular blog called Freedom to Learn for Psychology Today magazine.

Self-Healing: When You Change Your Child’s Behavior Changes Too!

It’s time to begin releasing the hurt we carry and take our relationships with our children to a new place.

Judy Guadalupe, Terry Damlos, Zahra Lightway, and Cezarina Trone share information, music, and practices that allow us to take a gentle look at the patterns we hold within that may be affecting how we interact with our children. When we find the courage to look, we can grow toward the harmony and peace we desire for ourselves and that becomes our legacy to our children. Because when we change, our children change too.

Communication: Tools for Overcoming Drama

Learn detailed practical strategies for clear, effective communication with children of all ages that everyone in your community will want to model their parenting after.

You will learn how to communicate when your child is caught up in painful drama and how to help them heal it. You will also be invited to explore transformative concepts and frameworks for communication such as:

  • Children are whole and complete.
  • Children are not less intelligent, nor are they less worthy of respect than adults; they are merely less experienced.
  • Be on their side, not on their back. And many more…

These powerful frameworks automatically bring forward empowering, helpful communication rather than critical, punishing words. Find out more in this episode brought to you by experts in their fields Zahra Lightway M.Ed, Terry Damlos, Cezarina Trone, and Judy Guadalupe.

Empowerment Means Freedom and Responsibility

Youth empowerment is a fairly recent phenomenon garnering more and more attention as the debate between youth voice and parental rights and responsibilities grows.

You may be confused about how to grant your children power and still maintain your own boundaries. You are not alone. We are always being asked by concerned parents why they should even consider giving power to children. Mostly, they are worried that their kids will walk all over them and become unmanageable. The truth is the opposite because “with great freedom comes great responsibility” and nowhere is that more apparent than at home.

Listen as Terry Damlos, Zahra Lightway, and Cezarina Trone give insight on how to give freedom and power and still maintain healthy boundaries. You will learn to co-create spaces and agreements with children that bring peace and harmony to the family.

Essentials for 21st Century Fathers

Peter Tongue explores in depth the new role of the father in a time when providing for the family may mean something entirely new.

Today, when women are as likely to provide financial support for the family as men, a man’s way of providing might be more about holding space than about money and resources. Learn what it means to hold space as a father and how to do it.

Fathers and mothers alike will gain great insight from this episode to help you understand each other better and have a more harmonious relationship that spreads to your children.

Family Constellations: How Quantum Physics may be the Key to Healing Unhealthy Patterns Within the Family

What do a Kirlian photograph of a leaf with a piece missing and your family history have in common?

They are good examples of how scientists believe the quantum field works. When a piece of a physical leaf is cut out, the field still “thinks” the missing piece is there. What this means for families is that in family histories every skill and talent that has ever been in the family always remains there as do any traumas. This explains in part how children inherit talents and why families keep repeating the same patterns.

Expert, Emily Waymire, explains how this all works, what the science is, and presents a technique for freeing us from embedded family trauma.

In this episode:

  • Discover how to change unhealthy patterns in your family
  • Hear how this worked with a family. Explore the “Orders of Love” governing family systems and how understanding them helps your family grow even closer.

The REAL Story about Safety for Children Today

Go on a hilarious and insightful journey with Lenore Skenazy, founder of Free Range Kids.

Lenore was accused of being the world’s worst mom because she allowed her 9-year-old son to take the New York subway home alone. Her platform, Free Range Kids, urges parents to allow their children the freedom to learn from life and to let go of the fear we have been given by over-reactive media hype.

In this interview, you will learn specifically how the danger of sexual predators may be intensely exaggerated and highly misrepresented and misunderstood. Lenore’s humorous dialogue offers a lighter look at these serious issues:

  • Who is actually on the sex offender list?
  • What constitutes a sex offense?
  • Is urinating in public a sex offense?
  • How to prepare your child for tricky situations using the three R’s.
  • How to do the “Free Range Kids Project” to help kids be more confident.
  • What happens when a 5th grader wanted to ride his bike to school across a busy road.

How Quantum Physics may be the Key to Healing, Part II

What does a Kirlian photograph of a leaf with a piece missing and your family history have in common? How this information can help you solve issues that have been in your family for generations?

Expert Emily Waymire explains how major life traumas are stored in the quantum field and why this means your family could spend years in therapy trying to heal and never quite ‘fix” an issue. Scientists put this down to “epigenetic markers” in our gene sequence. In this episode Emily teaches us:

  • How to use the techniques of the family constellation at home.
  • “Orders of Love” governing family dynamics and how you can use them to transform and grow

What is the Purpose of Education?

Be ready to have your ideas on this topic exploded and expanded in unexpected and delightful ways, as Judy Guadalupe, Terry Damlos, Zahra Lightway, and Cezarina Trone share information on the power and potential of 21st century education and the research that is informing our definition of what that is. So much is possible for our children’s educational journey. Together we explore:

  • What is 21st century education?
  • Why should we embrace it for our children?
  • Myths of 19th century education
  • What you as parents can do to help schools make the change

What’s Troubling Our Boys?

This episode is inspired by the book “The Trouble With Boys” written by journalist Peg Tyre. Peter Tongue, Charlie Kouns, and Sue Hall, author of “Fish Don’t Climb Trees” present information to help us understand what is causing our boys so much stress and difficulty at home and especially at school. In this episode you will learn about:

  • Learning differences between boys and girls
  • How the brain structure of boys dictates these differences
  • Are modern schools girl-centric?
  • New ways of viewing dyslexia and ADD/ADHD
  • Role of male mentors for boys in today’s world

The Serious Business of Play

The discussion of play from “The Serious Business of Play I” continues with panelists Zahra Lightway, Terry Damlos, and Andie Faurot. So hold on to your hats as we challenge ideas some parents have that play is just a “frivolous” pursuit taking time away from the serious business of childhood by exploring:

  • What The United Nations and the American Pediatric Association say on topic of free play and the rights of children
  • Skills and essential experiences provided by play
  • Serious side effects of children not playing
  • Role of imagination and the implications of not developing it
  • How to drop agendas and remember how to play with your kids

How to Thrive as Parents in the 21st Century: A Synthesis

Empower The Parent, Empower The Children regular panelists draw all the threads of this powerful series into one weave of tools, concepts, and understanding for 21st century parents. Revisit and deepen your understanding of exciting ways, such as:

  • Communicating with your children
  • Setting boundaries that work
  • Self-empowerment and self-nurturing
  • Why children should play
  • And why, ironically, you really don’t need this or any other course to help you be a better parent

If you enjoy EPEC, check out the other Light Way Learning offerings!

Zahra Lightway, M.Ed.

“Children are not less intelligent nor less worthy of respect than adults. They are merely less experienced.”

Zahra Lightway is a highly sought after designer of alternative, holistic, education programs for children and youth. She is works to empower parents to inspire their children to lead fulfilling lives and realize their full potential using existing resources within their community.

Founder and C.S.O. of Light Way Schools
Co-Founder: Seeding The Future Now
Co-Founder: Children of the New Earth Conference

Phone: (713) 701-1990 (for those not in NZ, add 011+64 to the beginning of the phone number)


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