Educational Design Sneak Peek

Thinking about educational design? Take a FREE sneak peek into parts of the Work with Nature module that is part of the Educational Design Course.

Just as we can design and map our landscape plan using an ethical and scientific methodology, we can map our learning landscape. Better yet, we can work with our children to co-design and navigate a map of their own learning landscape. The Educational Design Community is not just a course. We are a community that empowers each and every one of us on our journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment. Come, check it out. This is where inspiration grows!

As an Educational Designer, you learn how to:

  • Design a personalized, holistic and passion-driven education with children
  • Develop the consciousness, knowledge, skills, and connections for whole systems educational design
  • Meaningfully, authentically, and playfully integrate the voices of children, families, communities, and nature into the learning landscape
  • Help children expand their sense of self by developing a relationship with nature and their community
  • Cultivate not just the “know how” of education, but the “knowing how” to use our education to care for people and the earth
  • Design transdisciplinary* experiential education plans and help children find their bliss
  • Support children in their ability to learn how to learn well, no matter what they are learning
  • Use a variety of assessment and documentation methods that extend the traditional paradigm of what it means to learn, develop, and succeed
  • Integrate local and culturally relevant resources for community-based education
  • Utilize children’s passions and niches of brilliance to design personalized educational plans, units, classes, and programs
  • Change the story of education to one that inspires children to take positive, personally meaningful action in their lives, communities, and the world

By signing up for a sneak peek you can access the materials directly from our website at your own pace and we will email you the lessons for a total of 14 emails. Couldn’t be easier!

If this is of interest, please note you can join as Guild Member and get the EDC as part of your membership (best deal). If you are part of a group of families or educators please check out our best deal for you to learn Educational Design.

EDC prerequisite recommendation: To get the most out of the EDC, we highly recommend you first take the What’s Home course, an Institute of Permaculture Education for Children (IPEC) Teacher Training Course or a Permaculture Design Course (PDC). Yes, our Guild Members also have access to the “What’s Home?” online course and can take both courses concurrently.

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