Community Supported Education: Educators, Creators and Designers

$60.00 every Year


Do you have wisdom that can help our children, families and communities learn to better care for self, others, community and all our relations? Share and sell your ethically-aligned work – games, art, music, lesson plans, e-books and more.

Be the change. Help co-create a viable educational alternative marketplace to nourish life.


The idea of joining a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to support our small-scale, local farmers is well accepted. Why aren’t we doing the same in education by cultivating support for Community Supported Education (CSE)? Together can!

How do you become a CSE Seller Member?

  • Click the “buy now” button above
  • Pay $60/year
  • Provide images, description/text and a link to your website

Yes, it’s that easy.

What do you get as a CSE Seller Member?

  • 1 product posting in the PERMIE KIDs community store that links sends customers directly to your website to make the purchase (you keep 100% of the sale)
  • Ability to upload, share and sell an UNLIMITED number of digital/electronic products and services (you retain 95% of the sales after coupons, taxes, and fees, including giving PERMIE KIDs members an automatic 5% discount)
  • Your own store with a unique URL created by you to showcase your products and services exclusively, capability to create coupon codes for your products and services and a personal dashboard to monitor and manage your sales
  • Free marketing by PERMIE KIDs via internal and partner podcasts, blogs, and events and a 30 minute phone consultation to discuss the best marketing approach based on your goals. We will talk about internal marketing options as well as how to use and value our partnership “edges.”

What else can you do as a CSE Seller Member?

For those CSE Seller Members who want to further our collaborative relationship you can also do any or all of the following:

  • Pay it forward by gifting 5% of your profit directly to an educational organization of your choice (from a verified list of organizations) that align with our ethics and values
  • Create an exclusive discount code shared with PERMIE KIDs PERMIE KIDs Members only
  • Create an affiliate for us to receive a return commission on the sales that come from our community (we are grateful and this is welcomed, but not required)

Changing the Story

Seller Members are not employees or contractors, but are independent people/businesses paying for the ability to and help in marketing and selling their products/services within the PERMIE KIDs community and beyond.

Your work is posted in our PERMIE KIDs community store for a worldwide community to see and you can to create your own “store” with a URL of your choice that will list your work exclusively.

As a Seller Member you are paying for the ability to upload, share and sell digital or physical products and services retaining 95%-100% of the sales after taxes, coupons and applicable fees, create coupon codes, manage your account and monitor sales in a personal dashboard and/or redirect people to your site to purchase physical products that are shipped through the mail, but that is not all.

We know what it is like to start a small business. It can feel overwhelming, as if you have to figure out and do it all yourself. PERMIE KIDs wants to see you succeed  and as a Seller Member you become not just another customer, but our partner in helping bring education that nourishes life into this world.

We are here to help. We will collaborate and help by advising, supporting and even marketing your work within and to the “edges” of our PERMIE KIDs community. We are available to all our Seller Members via a 30 minute phone consultation to advise and determine how we can help you achieve your unique goals.

New Paradigm

We are pushing the paradigm of what it can mean to be in the “business” of education that nourishes life by embracing the idea of “paying it out” (not just forward). In other words, we are giving back all that we have been blessed with thanks to a wonderful community to help other ethical small businesses and entrepreneurial people.

A tree can be only as strong as the forest that surrounds it.
– Peter Wohlleben

Why Are We Doing This?

The mission of Permie Kids is to be an Community Supported Education network that inspires, supports and shares the collective wisdom of nature and community-oriented families, educators, artists and designers. We hope to help people remember and use what is already uniquely present in their place and community to create resilient and regenerative “learning landscapes” that help children design beautiful relationships with themselves, others and Nature.
“Paying out” is a win for you, the creator of educational resources that nourish life. It is a win for the PERMIE KIDs community. And, it is a win for children around world if we can help you share your gifts and talents.
If we can help facilitate these “wins,” we all win. Together let’s change the story and transform the future.

Want to Pay It Forward?

Seller Members are given an option to gift 5% of their sales to an organization of their choosing from a list of verified organizations that align with our ethics and values. (If you want to gift more than 5% of your sales, contact us and we will work to meet your goals.)

Additional Information

Please carefully read and adhere to our Seller Member Terms and Conditions and the Copyright Policy. Posting products that are not aligned with our community terms and values or in violation of the copyright policy will be removed from the site and violators may be banned from the site without refund.

As a Seller Member you are paying to have access to sell and have your work marketed and promoted within the PERMIE KIDs community, on your own storefront with only your products and to others beyond our current community of supporters and members. YOU DO NOT RECEIVE ACCESS TO OR DISCOUNTS ON OTHER RESOURCES. The benefit of receiving access to and discounts for resources is part of the benefits only given to our PERMIE KIDs Members.

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