A Child’s World – SUMMER Theme Unit Guide (Pre-K/K)


Author: Leah McDermott

In this theme, your child will conduct the majority of their activities and exercises outdoors. Summer is a great time to be outside as much as possible and soak up that vitamin D. As with other seasonal themes, nature exploration is very important. Allow your child the chance to see and feel the nature around them with this playful outdoor learning themed activity guide full of up to a month’s worth of daily activities to encourage your child’s natural sense of wonder and investigation. Summer-themed nature explorations, literature lessons, art activities, sensory experiences, science experiments, math connections and child-friendly recipes and more!

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All children are adventurers and explorers at heart and it is through this innate sense of curiosity and wonder that real, meaningful learning happens.

Celebrate your child’s love of nature and give them all the benefits of playful outdoor learning with this fantastic 9-page themed activity guide, All About SUMMER. Children are free to explore the world around them, and you as the parent and teacher get to watch the magic happen. Each theme is designed with child-led learning experiences to get your children interacting with nature and growing in their own unique ways. This is one unit in the year-long A Child’s World curriculum which includes this plus 20 other themed activity guides.

What’s Inside a Theme?

Inside each nature-inspired theme, you’ll find everything you need to inspire your child to create, build, investigate, learn and explore the natural world around them. The activities are designed for easy use, so everything you need can typically be found outside, in your kitchen, or with basic art/craft supplies. Very few things require additional prep! Each theme contains the following categories of activities: a Book List with our favorite themed books, a literacy lesson to improve early literacy skills, nature explorations, science experiments, art activities, math connections, sensory play, and a themed recipe (to boost those healthy eating skills!).

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