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Value of All Membership BenefitsOver $275---
Monthly Membership$15/month ($180/year)$95 (over 35% off)
Yearly Membership$150/year$125 (over 45%)
Lifetime MembershipOne-Time Payment of $400Endless!

Yearly Grassroots Supporters Get:

1. Empower the Parent, Empower the Child (EPEC) audio series because true empowerment = freedom and responsibility. In this 12-episode series you will learn about the serious business of play, importance of self-healing because it takes two to make a pattern but only one to break it, effective family communication strategies, essentials for modern fatherhood, and the science and developing wisdom in family patterns and systems. (learn more)

2. What’s Home: Community and Place-Based Learning course with 40+ educational tools, techniques and methods AND 100+ activities. (learn more)

3. Inspiration Grows: Cultivating the Learning Landscape e-Book. Learn how to use interconnected ethical edges, natural thinking tools, community virtues and transdisciplinary concepts to cultivating you and your children’s ideal “learning landscape.” (learn more)

4. Tabletop Tutors™: Eco-Farming Principles series created by Eco-Learning Legacies which includes 7 posters and an audio introduction to learning about:

  • Permaculture Fosters The Circle of Life
  • Exploring the Wisdom Teachings of Compost
  • Farm & Eat Organic, Join the Organic Movement
  • Do You Say No to GMO Foods & Farming Practices?
  • Seeds: Why We Must Protect Their Diversity
  • A World Without Honey Bees Is Unthinkable
  • Will You Help Save the Honeybees?

5. Members only specials on electronic downloadable products created by our CSE Seller Members

6. Exclusive Seller Member status. Post, share, and sell the materials you create such as unit and lesson plans, resource guides, e-books, or other digital products. You keep 90% of the profit. (learn more)

Yes, this the member benefits included in a Grassroots Supporter membership are extensive and in fact exceed what you are asked to pay in. And, that is not counting all the other forms of value that you will receive from being part of this community. This is by design!

As a Grassroots Supporter, you are taking an important step forward to become more active in this community. This commitment is valued.

Membership is not a donation, it is about exchanging value for value. Ultimately when one calculates all forms of value received, we want every member to receive a return that is equal to if not actually a return on their “investment.”

Note: We accept various forms of capital both online or offline including more traditional things like silver, but also a work-share-learn opportunity. If you choose to pay in ways other than US dollars, Bitcoin, or via credit card, please be sure to choose the pay offline option when checking out.

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