Use Creativity and Adapt to Change

Vision is not seeing things as they are, but as they will be.

The ability to use creativity and adapt to change is not only about forming original ideas. It is also about constructing, deconstructing, designing and imagining known objects, actions, ideas, concepts or methods, or parts and pieces of these things. We want to be able to skillfully and resourcefully re-arrange and integrate what is already there in innovative ways. To do this, we need to take informed, calculated risks, experience successes and failures, learn from those experiences and re-imagine and re-design some more.

Much like when Aristotle said, “Wisdom begins in wonder,” so too does creativity grow out of curiosity. Natural curiosity allowed to not only emerge but flourish lays the fertile foundation for understanding, imagining and actively designing alternatives to challenges we experience. Children tend to naturally seek to be the first to use creativity and adapt to change. They are natural solutions-based thinkers as expressed through observations, questions, exploration and investigation. This requires a fertile foundation and supportive environment that honors divergent, transformative thinking.

The only thing constant in this world is change. Our children, families, communities and even nature are ever changing, but it does not have to be chaotic change. Rather, through the framework of permaculture we can mindfully cultivate and collaborate to create the change we imagine is possible.


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