Use and Value Resources

Let nature take its course.

What is a resource? Is it a thing? Living or nonliving? Can a highway be a resource? How about a pesticide? Sewer systems? A person? Information or an idea by itself? Action taken based on that information or idea? What about a strategy or process; can these be considered a resource? What about something like a song, dance, or celebration that brings shared culture and value to your community? How do we learn to use and value resources?

There are a variety of resources in our lives, many most of us probably take for granted. This is why we broaden this idea to use and value all resources versus just renewable resources and services. It is not only about renewable resources, but rather making responsible choices about all resources.

Learning if or how we recognize, value, and chose to use resources is a choice. If we don’t think about this, if we don’t actively use our knowledge and understanding of resources to make a conscious choice, but instead just consume without thought, then we have in fact made a choice. This idea is intended to get our children thinking about how to, perhaps in a different way, view the world around them and all the resources that exist.


Learn more about the principle Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services

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