Small and Slow Solutions

Slow and steady wins the race.

Take a deep breath and slow down for a moment. What we see and experience in life changes when we do this. If you are traveling down a dirt road by car, what your senses take in is dramatically different than if you were strolling down that road on foot. Therefore, being mindful and grateful, taking responsibility for ourselves for our past, present, and future, and thinking purposefully and carefully with a fair attitude empowers us to solve problems for the long-term, not just the here and now.

Learning and life is designed with a focus on local resources (starting with oneself and the immediate world around because we are connected) and meaningful, sustainable outcomes. Small scale behaviors and actions are empowering because they are designed, “owned,” and targeted to specific, personal challenges we face. Applying small and slow solutions will fit the time, place, people, and patterns that are already in place. Finally, by helping our children learn to integrate thoughtful reflection to this process of developing small and slow solutions, they have the potential to become more than just the learner. They move through the stages and become the model, mentor, educator, and cultivator who nourishes life.


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