Produce No Waste

Waste not, want not.

By valuing and making use of all the resources in our lives, nothing goes to waste. Waste, ultimately, is nothing more than an unused output or yield. Waste is not inherently worthless, an association often made when people think of waste. It is simply something unused and often discarded. However, by being thoughtful and innovative about waste, we can turn a “problem” into an opportunity that nourishes life.

For example, if you save your food scraps and put them into a compost bin, you can make rich, healthy compost that can be applied to soil in the garden which then produces fruits and vegetables to be harvested and eaten. You have saved waste (food scraps), reduced external products and services (no need to buy compost and you don’t have as much trash to go to the garbage dump), and increased your yields (healthier soil, potentially more, healthier, and nutrient dense foods, and more beneficial organisms and microorganisms).

Canning Peppers and Grape JamProduce no waste can include reducing, reusing, recycling, repairing, and even re-designing. It is important that it also be applied in more ways than just our physical waste.

We all have the potential to produce mental, emotional, social, or spiritual “waste” that gets passed on as someone else’s problem, but we can learn to change our perspective and utilize it to generate further yields and benefits.


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