Obtain a Yield

You can't work on an empty stomach.

Everything that we learn and do has the potential to create a vast range of potential benefits and yields. There is a great value in learning to take responsibility, meeting our own needs through using and valuing our resources, and obtaining a yield to better care for ourselves, others, and the earth. This includes not only doing things that empower us to provide yields in the form of food, water, or shelter, but also to do things that generate yields related to less commonly discussed “needs” including developing and maintaining caring personal and social relationships, connecting at our core to the beauty and healing powers of nature, pursuing opportunities to learn and develop throughout our lifetime, and managing our priorities which tends to generate a yield of time because we no longer spend our time on tasks that are not central to who we are and who we want to become.

Through this mindset, children come to realize that, in the spirit of the words of Bill Mollison, the potential and actual yields in their lives are theoretically only limited by the creativity, imagination, and resilience of themselves, the designers. There is an unlimited potential for yields if the designer (the child) is empowered with an educational ecosystem that values and encourages innovation and inquisitiveness.

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