Design from Patterns to Details

Can't see the forest for the trees.

There are patterns all around us, from the large-scale patterns of our universe to nano-scale of atoms, and in everything we learn. This includes patterns in nature, to patterns in a poem, to patterns in how communities form and interact. There are patterns in time, social structures, landscapes, and conceptual systems of all sorts. Designing from patterns to the details means more than just seeing the big picture and then using those patterns to plan. It also means that we need to think carefully, compare, contrast, break things apart, re-build and make anew, analyzing, and evaluate what we are learning along the way so that we can imagine the still unimaginable possibilities and patterns.

Through this systems thinking approach of learning to design from patterns to details, we learn to not only observe and recognize patterns, but actively utilize this knowledge to learn, design, build, and do. The details are important, but these are used and rearranged based on the larger patterns encountered and envisioned as possible.


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