Catch and Store Energy

Make hay while the sun shines.

Most everything around us like food, water, landscape, shelter, people, plants, and animals are touched by and often producers of energy in some form. Energy, at its core, is power, strength, and vitality. Just like we can capture the energy of the sun used and converted into food grown in our garden by canning, we want to learn how to catch and store energy as well as responsibly convert and use it to further the care of ourselves, others and the earth.

We want to not only explore commonly understood forms of energy like solar, wind, petroleum, or biomass, but our framework helps children understand the ways energy is interconnected with other things to become part of a larger system of systems. It is also important to learn about other forms that energy take as it is transferred and how people are not separate from energy. Our entire bodies, physically, mentally, and emotionally, are representations of energy, but so too is work and even money. By designing systems that collect and store energy resources when they are available in surplus, we can then use them in times of need and to enrich the systems within which we live.


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