Our Shared Story: Youth and Community Development through Rites of Passage

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Educationmark_vector_1400x1400 is our greatest potential resource for nourishing life. Join with us and others from around world, share stories and learn with and from each other. You are not alone.

Shared Wisdom

The following are resources to help you learn more about youth and community development through rites of passage:

You are Not Alone

Conversations – from the Latin – conversatinoem (conversation) “act of living with,” – conversari “to live with, keep company with,” literally “turn about with.”

Jen and David v1Become part of a this learning community, share stories and learn with and from each other. We can start our “conversation” with a comprehensive introduction to youth and community development through rites of passage with Dr. David Blumenkrantz, Scott Scheer and Stephen Gavazzi in the article:

Rites of passage during adolescence
The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues, Fall 2007, Vol. 12, No. 2., Scheer, Scott D., Gavazzi, Stephen M., The Ohio State University.  Blumenkrantz, David G., Center for the Advancement of Youth, Family, and Community Services, Inc.

Review the literature on rites of passage in adolescence, with particular attention given to the essential components for positive developmental outcomes. Three human development orientations – life course, life span, and life cycle – are presented to examine rites of passage as they relate to life transitions. Within these orientations, positive rites of passage are framed as requiring both events and cognitive processes of the event. In other words, rites of passage events must be significant for adolescents not only as experiences, but having special meaning, emotion, and understanding. A model is introduced that highlights the potentially positive and negative roles that rites of passage can play in the transition to adulthood. In addition, investigations are discussed to help understand the complex rites of passage mechanisms. Finally, the benefits of employing rites of passage strategies are illustrated through youth development programs.

Let’s Talk

If you are an educator, youth development specialist, or community elder, please contact Dr. Blumenkrantz (email the or call (860) 633-5349) to arrange a free 18 minute phone conversation. Conversations and ongoing support can be arranged. Subsequent conversations are $50 per half hour and $100 per hour. If you are unsure, contact us so we can decide together what might be possible through conversations on questions that matter to you. The fee is negotiable, if necessary.

If you are a parent and/or caregiver, please contact Jen directly (email or call (239) 287-8475) to arrange for an initial free phone conversation. Subsequent conversations are $50 per half hour and $100 per hour with discounts for those who purchase more time in advance. If you are unsure or the cost is prohibitive, please email or call and we can discuss what might be possible or what other resources might be useful.

Continue the Learning

We often have the academic “know how,” but it is the traditional wisdom of “knowing how” to use the scientific technology that helps us nourish life and change the future. The following are just a few of the recommended resources to continue your journey of initiating youth and community development through rites of passage.

The Busyness of Raising Children: Are we nourishing the lives of our children? © by Dr. David Blumenkrantz, Ph.D. M.Ed., published in the Social Justice Solutions (SJS)

Changing Our Consciousness for Coming of Age the RITE Way, video presentation by Dr. David Blumenkrantz from an Edge Alliance

Education: Our Greatest Wasted Resources (Part I) by Dr. David Blumenkrantz, published in Social Justice Solutions (SJS), May 4, 2015

Learn about more resources.

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