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Child-Centered by kristin :: prairie daze (CC BY 2.0)

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  • $50 – Helps us sustain the website and all the online courses, educational materials, podcasts, and more! With your help, this level of support helps us pay the business maintenance costs allowing us to “keep the lights on” literally and figuratively as well as pay for the website, insurance, fees to host a booth at community events, licensure, pay taxes, etc. All time invested is done on a volunteer basis.
  • $150 – Allows us to begin rooting down. This level of support helps us to go beyond basic sustainability and provide a livable wage to one part-time person.
  • $300 – We can grow wings and reach for the sky. This level of support helps us begin to thrive by paying a livable wage to one full-time person.
  • $500 – We can become regenerative! With enough support at this level we can hire additional people and provide more to the community!

Hello, I’m Jen Mendez the founder of Permie Kids. My goal is to help people learn and put into practice the art and wisdom of desiging beautiful relationships that nourish life and honor the inherent worth, dignity, and curiosities of our young people in the context of nature and supportive community.

With the inspiration and encouragement of many important people in my life I created the website, audio and online courses, podcasts, collaborative webinars, and in-person classes for children, youth, and families entirely out of my own home and out of my own personal budget because I love what I do! Most people assume Permie Kids is a thriving business with deep pockets, but the truth is I often only make enough money to cover my basic business expenses. I have not paid myself any salary since starting Permie Kids in 2014, but instead I have donated my time and reinvested everything earned back into the community.

Due to some life-changing events I am at a turning point and I cannot keep Permie Kids going the way it started. It is possible that these events could also be a catalyst that allows me to turn this into a full-time profession which would give me much more flexibility to expand my offerings and provide a better service to the community. To do this, I need your help.

I am very grateful to those who make one-time or on-going contributions to Permie Kids at the level of your discretion.

Prefer to Give Offline?

SnailIf you are interested in supporting our work, you can send your gift in the form of check, money order, silver, or other alternative forms of capital to:

Permie Kids
5601 36th St. N.
Arlington, VA 22207

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