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PERMIE KIDs Sign v2As a member and for less than $0.50/day you get all of the following:

  • Empower the Parent, Empower the Child (EPEC)
    • A 12-episode audio series because true empowerment = freedom and responsibility (learn more)
  • What’s Home: Community and Place-based Learning
    • 9-hour audio+email course, 36 week activity guide, 40+ educational tools, and 100+ activities (learn more)
  • Inspiration Grows: Cultivating the Learning Landscape e-book
  • Tabletop Tutors™ Eco-Farming Principles series
    • Seven posters about composting, organic foods, seed diversity, and the critical role of bees
  • Exclusive Seller Member status
    • Post, share and sell the materials you create such as unit and lesson plans, resource guides, e-books, or other digital products and you keep 90% of the profit (learn more)
  • Members only specials

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We are very grateful to those who make one-time or on-going contributions to PERMIE KIDs at the level of your discretion. Your gift of the heart, with no expectation for a direct personal return, supports the countless hours needed to support an Educational Resource Network dedicated to providing fair and equitable access to education such as: community and place-based learning, youth & community development, as well as courses and workshops.

Your gift of the heart allows us to cover our on-going website and basic living expenses, provide children, families and communities around the world access to Nature and Community-oriented education in fair and equitable ways and pay it forward in kind to our Community Supported Education (CSE) network partners. Thank you!

Prefer to Give Offline?

SnailIf you are interested in supporting our work, you can send your donation via snail mail at:

11505 Cherry Tree Crossing
P.O. Box 265
Cheltenham, MD 20772

We also offer work-share-learn opportunities for those wanting to exchange in alternative forms of capital. We welcome, honor and value your knowledge, ideas, skills, and experiences as alternative means of helping support our work.


Share Your Wisdom

If you want to become an active contributor to our community, consider becoming a:

  • Community Supported Education (CSE) - Seller MemberCommunity Supported Education Seller-MemberThe idea of joining a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to support our local farmers is well accepted. Why aren’t we doing the the same in education by cultivating support for Community Supported Education (CSE)? Perhaps we can! Become a CSE Seller Member and co-create a viable educational alternative marketplace to nourish life. CSE Seller Members get:
    • 1 product posting in the PERMIE KIDs community store that links sends customers directly to your website to make the purchase
    • Ability to upload, share and sell an UNLIMITED number of digital/electronic products and services
    • Support of the PERMIE KIDs community and more!

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