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Casting Our Stone Upon the Water

… Ripples Appear

What is a Meet ‘n Greet? It is an opportunity for us to get to know those in this community who are taking action and responsibility to be the first ripple of change within their own life, their family, PERMIE KIDs, and their local communities. This is not simply about meeting new members. It is about inviting those who are helping shape our community through inquiry and action to share and inspire. Through positive energy, inspiration grows! In the monthly Meet ‘n Greet, we get a chance to know one another and honor the actions of those in our community. Come meet some of the ripples moving the waters of learning and life within our community and beyond! If you would like to set up a time to do a Meet ‘n Greet, please contact us.

Marissa and Daniel

image IMG_0108

IMG_0368 IMG_0380

photo 2 PermaCognition

Tim and Michelle

Crabapple sorting Crabapple everything

CAM01899 CAM01900

CAM01898 CAM01897

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