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We are a Community Supported Education (CSE) network, so our mission is to help people connect with offerings in their local and our virtual worldwide community.

What We Are Looking For

Children, youth, parents and caretakers, educators and community leaders to share wisdom and help change the story of what it means to learn, educate and be educated. Help people see how education can nourish life.

3 Ways to Share your Wisdom

There are a few ways that we welcome and integrate with others looking to help re-frame what it means to learn, educate and be educated. Click on any of the following to learn more about joining our community as a:

Community Supported Education Seller Member

Contributing Writer, Interviewer or Artist

Sponsor or Affiliate

Are we the right community for you to share your wisdom? We are looking for people to share their wisdom who will:

  • Share stories – successes, failures and emerging questions – to help others on their journey
  • Educate us in not just the “what” of education, but “why and how” to be a lifelong learner
  • Inform people about how to live in balance within ourselves, as well as all our relations
  • “Edu-tain” with blissful and helpful articles with transformational tips
  • Connect people with useful materials, resources and events
  • Help us be in conversation about education that nourishes life

Community Supported Education Seller-Member

Community Supported Education (CSE) - Seller MemberThe idea of joining a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to support our local farmers is well accepted. Why aren’t we doing the the same in education by cultivating support for Community Supported Education (CSE)? We can!

Become a CSE Seller Member and co-create a viable educational alternative marketplace to nourish life. CSE Seller Members get:

      • 1 product posting in the PERMIE KIDs community store that links sends customers directly to your website to make the purchase
      • Ability to upload, share and sell an UNLIMITED number of digital/electronic products and services
      • Support of the PERMIE KIDs community and more!

Contributing Writer, Interviewer or Artist

Child student kid girl writing with homework on deskWe are looking for contributing writers for the news blog, audio recordings for podcasts, reviews and resources to share, and photos, songs and stories from artists and musicians and… What gifts, talents and wisdom do you have that can help inspiration grow?

Use the following form if you are interested in submitting a one-time guest post and/or becoming an on-going contributor. Please be sure to read our submission guidelines referenced below before submitting your work.

Contact Us

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Submissions should be original and unique to PERMIE KIDs. All writing styles and topics are welcomed, including humor, reviews, community-based educational opportunities, seasonal cooking, crafts and DIY posts. Please note, not all submissions will be published. We reserve the right to deny or ask the originator to make edits to any submissions that do not adhere to the values of this community.

photodune-3998604-network-community-cloning-sYour work is your work and it belongs to you. We are honored that you are willing to give us permission to help share your wisdom with this community through the news blog, podcast, email newsletter and social media. Although we take no ownership over your work, we do require that submissions be useful and unique to this community as well as appropriately cited.

We prefer blog articles to have a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 1000 words. Audio recorded submissions for podcasts should be 20 minutes in length or less. Photographs are great and we love it when photos are offered. We prefer pictures to be as large as possible, including pixel size and resolution (minimum of 1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels tall).

Giving Gratitude

Be honest and give credit to those who have come before whose wisdom and knowledge you are continuing to share. If you refer to statistics or research, please include reference links to your sources. Please refer to our Copyright Agreement.

CommunityWe support all of our contributing authors, podcasters and artists with Author Profiles, which contain a short bio with their website and social media platforms. We do ask for contributing authors provide a brief description of themselves for this purpose.

We often get requests from people wanting to showcase their program, course or event.  In exchange for a separate non-promotional educational article (if accepted), we’ll list any in-person programs in our store at no charge. For those looking to share online materials or resources for free may include those in the article or podcast submission. Alternatively, if you are looking to sell online materials or support, please consider becoming a Community Supported Education Seller-Member.

Sponsor or Affiliate

Community - Sponsors and AffiliatesLet’s be clear, we do not offer traditional sponsor or affiliate programs. Our model is unique. It is based on the idea of natural relationships, so these programs are for those people and organizations who share the values of our community.

We have a relationship with our sponsors and affiliates that has been forged and that we value and honor. It is this relationship that we seek to nurture.

Our sponsor and affiliate program is exclusive and thus we do not accept all requests. Please go to our sponsor and affiliate page to learn more.

Relationships are edges where the most potential for abundance and diversity exist. We choose to honor, elongate, and value those edges in our sponsor and affiliate relationships.

Let Inspiration Grow

Share your wisdom. Help us learn to love and live in deep connection with ourselves, others, Nature and all our relations.

Our community is welcoming and open to all. We honor the worth and dignity of all people and seeks to support our free and responsible truth for truth and meaning. We are dedicated to helping people learn about and connect with the many forms and sources of wisdom and knowledge.

Questions? Please contact us.

Share Your Wisdom and Let Inspiration Grow


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