What’s Home? Nature and Community-Oriented Learning

What’s the Story? Art, Science and Wisdom

Our educational story of today shapes our children’s tomorrow. Together with our children we can engage in an emergent learning process to co-create a new educational “story.”

By playfully inspiring a sense of awe about Nature, ourselves, family, community and all our relations, our children organically cultivate a loving consciousness and sense of responsibility as integral caretakers of our world.

What’s Home?

Community and Place-Based Learning Course

Help your children, family and community develop a deep love and holistic connection with “home” with the online What’s Home course. Embrace a playful attitude of “Slow Learning” with this convenient 7-hour online + audio + email course designed and led by Lisa Kohlhepp that will guide you in seasonal exploration of place, self and community from September through May.

Learn 40+ educational tools, techniques and methods AND 100+ activities to exponentially enrich the learning landscape through community and place-based seasonal exploration for an entire year!

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This course is best suited for families, educators and communities with children ages 0-12 because helping children connect with their place and time deepens their roots and enriches their connections with themselves, family, community, Nature and all our relations.

9 Learning Modules

  • DandelionThe Welcome Home Balance

  • Wild Child at Home

  • Home Grown Family

  • Neighborhood Tribe

  • Free Play

  • The Community Connection

  • Globally Together

  • Creative Integration

  • Celebrating Home Sweet Home

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What is home? If you asked the children in your life – your children, your neighbors or friends’ children – what would they say? How would they describe their home?

How does this discussion with Jen’s son (four years old at the time) for a podcast prompted by the book Home by Jeannie Baker land for you?


“What’s Home?” course includes:

  • Nine 45-minute audio learning modules – download and listen while jogging, tending to your garden or even in the car!
  • Supplemental online articles and videos
  • Nine activity guides (9 months, 36 weeks!) with 40+ educational tools, techniques and methods AND 100+ activities

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Loving Hearts and Helpful Hands

“What’s Home?” is an experience that touches hearts, not just minds… something happens. Something happens that people describe as positively transforming not just the learning landscape for children, but relations with, among and between family, community and all life landscapes.

This course is an initiation into the mindset (and “heart-set”) of emergent educational design in which our focus is process-based learning that authentically and intentionally deepens our relationship within, among and between ourselves, others and Earth. It helps children, families and educational communities connect the scientific “know how” of our natural world with the traditional wisdom essential for ethically “knowing how” to use our knowledge and connections with all things to nourish life.

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The Path is Made by Walking…

Go Further – Educational Design Course

For many, the “What’s Home?” course helps people take the first steps on a journey as lifelong learners dedicated to not just learning from the neck up, but learning and living through the heart to nourish life. For those who want to go deeper, there is option to become an Educational Designer.

Learn more and find out if the Educational Design Course (EDC) is for you.

Note: This is not a course to teach children how to do permaculture in the landscape. This is a community that wants to utilize the ethical, scientific methodology of permaculture and the principles of youth and community develop through initiation and rites of passage designed by Dr. David Blumenkrantz from the Center for Youth and Community to help children, families, communities, and this world learn and develop, regardless of what is being learned. Many children may develop a passion and find their bliss by taking their learning into that realm. However, the What’s Home course is dedicated to helping children, parents, educators, and community learn how to design holistic education plans that are place, time, and culturally meaningful.

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