Earth in Me

Sorry, registration is closed for spring.

Let’s get our hands gloriously dirty and learn with Mother Earth as our educational mentor. Earth in Me is a family-oriented program that uses play, storytelling and experiential learning to help our children connect with and develop a love for nature and all our relations.

STEAM-ulating Learning

Our focus for spring is Garden Sprites! We will explore our place, wisdom of our ancestors and the interconnectedness of all through math circles, science experiments, artistic and engineering design challenges, nature adventures and mindfulness exploration.

IMG_2569Each child and collectively as a group we will learn how to design a permaculture-oriented garden, as well as identify, care for and use the many yields that we will find growing right here in our place.

The rhythm of Earth in Me includes:

  1. Imagination Stations and Creative Play
  2. Remembrance Circle
  3. STEAMulating Challenges
  4. Personal and Group Projects
  5. Gratitude Circle

Earth in Me Classes

bird feeder v2In every class, you and your child will not only learn new knowledge and skills, but will be given the tools and resources to actively apply those things learned in your own home and neighborhood.

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  • WHO: Recommended for ages 5-11 along with a responsible adult (older and younger siblings are welcome)
  • WHERE: Mendez Homestead near Cheltenham, MD (exact address given upon registration)
  • WHEN: Classes occur the first and third Sunday from 3:30 – 6:30 p.m. from March 3, 2017 – May 19, 2017 (We often extend into the evening with a potluck and free play for community building and collaboration.)
  • DandelionHOW MUCH: $240/season per family which include 6 x 3-hour classes, materials, garden yields and a FREE annual Grassroots Supporter membership ($100 value!). Already a member? All Guild Members get a 50% discount while Grassroots Supporters and returning families get a 25% discount!

Registration is closed.

* REFUND POLICY: Any missed classes, weather cancellations or withdrawal from the program is at the discretion of the participant, but payments already made are non-refundable. Please understand the program fees cover much more than just our time together (e.g. planning time, materials, preparation/setup, reflection and revision based on children’s curiosities and interests, newsletter/email correspondence with parents and caretakers, etc). Therefore, we do not provide a refund for missed classes, canceled classes due to weather or withdrawal.

Learning through Love

To paraphrase David Sobel, before we ask our children to save the earth, let us help them connect with and foster a love for it.

Eating-a-Turnip-300x300Classes takes place on our homestead is located near the Cheltenham Post Office (exact address given upon registration). Each class includes shared inquiry with our children with a focus on fostering both healthy inner-landscapes as well as community and earthly landscapes.

This is also about modeling inter-generational community learning and collaboration. Each class culminates with a shared potluck meal, so stick around for the evening and together we can nourish our minds, bodies, and hearts.

The goal is to help children (and those of us with bigger shoes who are lifelong learners and perhaps also children at heart) develop a personal connection to nature. With nature as our guide, we individually and collectively learn how to better care for ourselves, others and the earth.

What We Do

By providing an safe, engaging and diverse learning landscape (by design!) our children our invited into a world where they learn much more than just information or skills. They learn about themselves and how to learn. Children experience about the power of being part of a community of lifelong learners.

CompostingChildren become critical thinkers who are mindful, empathetic and driven which in turn helps them more deeply connect, appreciate and love themselves, others and Earth. They interweave traditional wisdom with our growing scientific understanding of our world to have the ethical “know how” to make this world a better place.

The small things make a big difference and beginnings matter. All this begins not by seeking answers, but with cultivating curiosity and questions. Together we help children use this raw intellectual energy to not only follow the path less taken, but develop the resilience, mindset and relationships to forge their own path in learning and life. Join us in the Upper Marlboro/Cheltenham area of Maryland and together alongside our children we get our hands gloriously dirty and model learning with Earth as our educational mentor.

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Working With Nature

IObserving and Interacting with the Tadpoles in the Swale - June 2014f you choose to join us, come prepared to not only learn how to further empower the educator within, but also the learner within. The Earth in Me program focuses on learning to work with nature – nature of self, nature of relationships with others, and our relationship with the world around us.

By the way, just as nature adapts, so do we. The classes are rain or shine. Dress appropriately and expect that we will shift our plans to work with nature rather than against it!

What Might We Explore?

RootsRemember, this is a class where we work with nature. Therefore, what we do will remain flexible to what the earth is providing in bounty for us to learn about. However, here are some things that we typically learn about:

Fall/Winter: Building Natural Playhouses, Animal Allies, Art of Science, Healthy Living with Herbs, Weaving Baskets, Seasonal Safety Awareness, Juicing and Pickling, Johnny Appleseed, Going Nuts… I Mean Gathering and Processing Nuts, Alpaca Felting, Native Science, Building a Greenhouse, Primal Patterns, Polyculture Garden Design, Cheese Making, and Fermenting

New_Chicks_v4_-_19May14Spring/Summer: Grow a Garden to a Food Forest, Mason Bee Houses, Art of Science, Seasonal Safety Awareness, Composting and Vermicomposting, Three Sisters Gardens, Use and Value Community Resources, From Our Hands and Lands to Your Front Yard Garden Blitz, Food Hedges (“Fedges”) and Natural Trellises, and Making Solar Cookers and Dehydrators

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