Sneak Peek: “What’s Home”

What’s Home: Welcome!

In the What’s Home: Community and Place-based Learning course, designed and led by Lisa Kohlhepp and in collaboration with PERMIE KIDs, you will learn how to exponentially enrich the learning landscape through community- and place-based seasonal exploration. Helping children connect with their place and time deepens their roots and enriches their connection with Nature, themselves, family, community and all our relations.

Life is about relationships and interactions. Learning and life are, in reality, inextricable interconnected, just as is anything and everything on Earth. It is important and empowering to understand how elements integrate because everything is part of a system and often systems are part of other systems.

As children’s understanding of “home” grows, so too will their love for and desire to take on greater responsibility as they move from seeing home through the “me” and transition into a realization that they are part of the greater “we.” A healthy vibrant ecosystem is a mass of connections and relationships. That is how we can design community – as a learning ecosystem.

In the “What’s Home?” course, we explore the following lessons:

  • The Welcome Home Balance
  • Wild Child & Home
  • Homegrown Family
  • The Neighborhood Tribe
  • Free Play
  • Our Community Connection
  • Globally Together
  • Creative Integration
  • Celebrating Home Sweet Home

In the sneak peek to “What’s Home?” we explore the following lesson:

  • The Welcome Home Balance

There are two highly recommended materials for this course that we recommend you purchase:

Additional Course Information

This class is a prerequisite for enrolling in the online Educational Design Course (EDC). “What’s Home” is offered once a year beginning in September, around the time of the fall equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and continuing into May. There is one lesson per month, allowing for sufficient time to reflect, plan and integrate what is learned into our children’s (and our) learning landscapes.

We are considering creating a version of this course for those in the Southern Hemisphere. We will be evaluating the interest and support from our community in order to co-create a version of this course that begins in March and continues through November. This is an effort that would need to be done in collaboration with others. Contact us if you know someone who would like to be part of such an effort.

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