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Welcome! We are so pleased you decided to take a FREE sneak a peek into the world of Educational Design.

In the following lessons within the Work With Nature Module, you will learn new information, skills, and be provided activity ideas that you can use starting today. We hope this information is helpful. Just as we want to stimulate our children with a variety of ways of learning, you have the option to engage with the material in this lesson by reading, watching, and/or listening. There are also hands-on, minds-on activities for both you and your children. If you have any questions or want to talk about what you are learning, please either join in one of the monthly video/telephone collaborations that take place each month.

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Welcome to the PERMIE KIDs Educational Design Community!

We have an amazing, exciting journey ahead. Together, as a community of inspired educational designers, we will co-design a learning culture that cares for people and the Earth, inspire children to be designers of their own learning and life, and empower not only ourselves and the children in our life but also our communities.

As individual designers, we are empowered and as an Educational Design Community, we hold a great responsibility. Through small and slow solutions, our community will reinvent and redesign education.

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*Please note: Although this information is licensed CC-BY-SA, please consider the three ethics when thinking about sharing this resource. Be caring towards all those who designed and directly produced these learning modules and also the greater community. You are welcome to share this information with other select educator-mentors in your child’s life as a tool to help you all work more collaboratively without them having to join the community like you did. You are encouraged to use these ideas and information. In fact, please do engage in meaningful conversations about experiential education by design, but please do not share this randomly or without regard to how non-attributable dissemination would impact this community.

Just a procedural point to mention: The links at the bottom of each lesson page are for linking to the previous lesson, next lesson, or navigating out of the lesson altogether to read/post on the forum about what you were just reading about. Please don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions about how to navigate the online course. For many who aren’t used to self-directed, online learning that doesn’t have hard deadlines and submission requirements and offers as much flexibility as is done in the EDC, this can all seem a little challenging at first. Jen (and our community) is here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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