PERMIE KID: A driven person is motivated to strive, learn and achieve due to strong intrinsic desires, needs and goals. “I actively participate in all I do with a positive attitude. I am empowered when I see the results of my effort.”

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PERMIE KID: An inquisitive person displays intellectual curiosity expressed through observations, questions, exploration, investigation, and research. “I am curious. I like to explore and ask questions to find out new things.”

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PERMIE KID: A kind person has a responsibly compassionate, generous, caring, appreciative, and benevolent nature. “I am compassionate, understanding, and caring. I responsibly help myself, others, and the world.”

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PERMIE KID: An ethical person recognizes, values, expresses, and systematizes his or her own moral principles of right and wrong, which may coincide, conflict, or transcend cultural norms. “I know for myself what is right and I am willing to live by these morals. I make decisions, take action, and will stand up for what I […]

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PERMIE KID: An innovative person is resourceful, imaginative, and visionary aptitude for devising new and creative methods, ideas, and solutions. “I am creative, resourceful, and willing to take risks. I imagine and experiment with new ideas and solutions.”

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PERMIE KID: A mindful person is purposeful, open, and fair attitude and effort to be continuously present with the experience. “I engage in and appreciate the present. I take care of and take responsibility for myself. I am truthful and just, taking care to respect others’ needs, wants, opinions, and right to make choices for themselves.”

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PERMIE KID: A resilient person has the capability to withstand and recover quickly from setbacks, shock, and misfortunes. “I learn to recognize, appreciate, and learn from success as well as failure. I am focused and willing to work passionately to achieve my goals, no matter the challenges.”

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PERMIE KID: An empathetic person has the ability to identify, comprehend, understand and sympathize with others emotions, feelings, difficulties and situations. “I can listen to, identify and understand the needs, wants and struggles of people and things. I use this knowledge to make responsible choices.”

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Problem Solver

PERMIE KID: A problem-solver is a thinker who acquires knowledge, comprehends, analyzes, synthesizes, evaluates, compares and contrasts in order to address challenges in ways that further nourish life. “I think carefully and use what I know to make responsible decisions and address challenges in ways that nourish life.”

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