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Change the Story, Transform the Future

All children are our children. Let’s gather with your community around our Electronic Campfire, along with Dr. David Blumenkrantz from the Center for Youth and Community and Jen Mendez from PERMIE KIDs, and become part of a global village. Learn how to design community-oriented rites of passage experiences and transform the future for our children and the planet.

To inquire about joining the Electronic Campfire, please contact Jen Mendez (email or call 239-287-8475).

If you already have a core group from your community and you would like help deepening the conversation about youth and community development through rites of passage, consider getting started and joining us as we gather around the fire.

Together we will form a “Learning Community” to explore:

  • ReciprocityChanging Consciousness
    • History and current relevance of rites of passage in youth & community development
    • Language of rites of passage through analysis of the core elements in the architectural framework
    • How the framework and elements are a unifying story that links all other education and youth development efforts and are integrated within emergent design
    • How to introduce a rite of passage “story” within your setting and/or community
  • All Children Are Our Children
    • How to co-author a rite of passage “story” within your setting and/or community
    • How to use the acclaimed and award winning Rite Of Passage Experience© (ROPE®) curriculum for students and parents
  • It Takes a Whole Child
    • How to conduct asset mapping for community rites of passage and to organize its “emergence” within a setting and/or community
    • How to integrate all education and youth development approaches to impact academic performance and school climate, intervening and therapy with adolescents and their families, engaging youth in positive leisure time activities – finding their bliss and giving back – community service as an expectation and sign of maturity and transition to adulthood

Around the Electronic Campfire

Under the guidance of David, an elder with almost 50 years of knowledge and experience working with cultures and communities all over the world, you will learn the language for initiating conversations in your community for changing consciousness for coming of age the RITE way.

Womb Universe ROPE Slide 8Through personal stories and experiences, one a kind videos, and published articles and books by David and others with great wisdom to share we each can become a catalyst in our place, our community for initiating conversations and cultivating the relationships necessary for authentic, meaningful, and lasting youth and community development through rites of passage. And, as a special bonus participants will receive and be guided in readings from David’s most recent book, published by Oxford University Press: Coming of Age the RITE Way: Youth & Community Development through Rites of Passage.

Is the Changing Consciousness Electronic Campfire For You?

Together we work with you and your community to change the story of what it means to educate and help our children come of age. Communities are more effective in doing this when all stakeholders are engaged including parents, educators, professionals, community organizers and elders.

This experience is for those communities who want to learn the history, language, and current relevance of youth and community development through rites of passage as both a method for organizing and strengthen a community and a process for educating and guiding children to adulthood. It focuses on the learning the foundations for fostering a core group of older youth and adults who can come together to co-create a rites of passage experience relevant to your community and culture.

What to Expect

  • Emergent design experience for learning how to co-author a rite of passage “story” in your community
  • Access to online materials such as one of a kind videos, published articles and excerpts from books by Dr. Blumenkrantz and others with great wisdom to share
  • Collaborative “Electronic Campfires” (video webinars) for your community to share reflections, revelations, growth and change of consciousness as you co-create a deeply relevant, meaningful and connective community-oriented rites of passage experience

To inquire about joining the Electronic Campfire, please contact Dr. Blumenkrantz (email or call 860-633-5349) or Jen Mendez (email or call 239-287-8475).

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The Rite of Passage Experience© ® Initiation of Scholars©® and ROPE® are copyrighted (1991, 1988, 1998, 2008) and federally registered trademarks of David Blumenkrantz licensed to The Center Youth & Community, Inc.

Special thank you to Bret Stevenson from Adolescent Mind and author of From Boys to Men: Spiritual Rites of Passage in an Indulgent Age for help with the imagery used in the story of the universe video above.





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