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Podcast 248 – Play is Not Wasteful: Actions Now for Yield Later

In today’s PERMIE KIDs Podcast, we talk about the principle produce no waste from a slightly different perspective that you might have considered previously by considering the value of play. Play is not wasteful. One more time, play is not wasteful. There are incredible physical, mental, social-emotional, intrapersonal, naturalistic, artistic, and lifelong benefits for play. […]

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Podcast 174 – Inspiring Writers: What is Memorable?

Recently, I introduced the idea of a writer’s notebook (podcast 164) and then I talked about the fact that people want kids to be intrinsically driven to read, write, and communicate effectively, enthusiastically, and joyfully (podcast 169). We talked about how to start addressing that with acknowledging and addressing motivation. Today, I want to combine […]

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Podcast 169 – Inspiring Readers and Writers: What Motivates?

Who doesn’t want kids to be intrinsically driven to read, write, and communicate effectively, enthusiastically, and joyfully? However, as educators we often launch right into the doing and use motivational strategies that care for our desires/needs as the educator (i.e. compliance), but do not inspire and care for the learner. The ethic Care of People means […]

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Podcast 164 – Inspiring Writers: Do You Have a Writer’s Notebook?

How are you approaching helping the children in your life write? Are you focused on perfectly formed letters? Providing writing prompts for them? Designating a time dedicated to writing? If so, stop! Those approaches are you trying to “push” the child to write. Instead, we want to “pull” inquisitive, thoughtful writing out of because the […]

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Podcast 155 – How Can I Help My Child Develop Empathy?

PERMIE KIDs, the first E stands for Empathetic. As the Educational Design Course participants were reflecting on doing Essential Agreements with their kids, I heard the comment more than once that the kids seemed to grasp the ideas of respect, responsibility, and caring, but there was still a disconnect between these things and true empathy. […]

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Podcast 153 – How Can I Engage a Reluctant Reader?

Even the best intentioned parent or educator who is reading aloud often to children can find themselves in a challenging position… what to do when a child becomes a reluctant reader. This thought process was inspired by the last Edge Alliance and I started thinking, if we really want to care for people, why don’t […]

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Podcast 152 – Why Are Educator Questions Important? (Part 1)

It is important that we help our children learn how to ask questions, but to do this effectively we have to be aware of how we use questions. What types of questions are you asking your child? Who is really answering? When, where, and why are you asking questions? How often do you ask questions […]

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Podcast 145 – When is a Flower Not a Flower?

Perspective taking, an essential component to developing empathy. Today, I share lesson plan ideas that integrate art, language arts, science, and math in a way that helps children identify and recognize how one thing can be seen from different perspectives.   In this show I cover: Mother Earth News Fair – Are you going? Perspective […]

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Podcast 142 – What are my community resources?

How do you not only identify, but use and value the community resources available and unique to you? Then, let’s take that a step further. How do these resources integrate into a personalized, patterned-based educational design plan? If you live in or want to visit Massachusetts, I cannot more highly recommend looking up Hilltown Families. […]

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Podcast 141 – How Might Children Become Social Entrepreneurs?

Are you looking for an amazing organization, book, and ideas to help young children explore all the ethics and principles of permaculture? Look no further than One Hen by Katie Smith Milway. This is a story that reaches the hearts, minds, and souls of people young and old and there is an organization that extends […]

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