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Podcast 313 – Bringing Permie into the Holidays

In the PERMIE KIDs Podcast today I share some thoughts about how my family and I are bringing permie into the holidays. Like many, I was brought up in a system fragmented and fractured in its relationship with the world and itself. I grew as a fragmented and fractured reflection…naturally. I still struggle to honor […]

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Podcast 312 – Patterns in Learning

In addition to a fun new way to think about a typical autumn activity – rubbings – today’s podcast begins with a hint at a special The Possibility Green Friday offer from PERMIE KIDs. Also, I want to let you know about a great project that is underway by Scott Mann from The Permaculture Podcast […]

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Holiday To Do List: Be the Light

Holiday To Do List Buy Be Presents Wrap Gifts Someone in a Hug Send Gifts Peace Shop for Donate Food Make Cookies Love See Be the Lights PERMIE KIDs Special Offer In our goal to “be the light,” PERMIE KIDs is looking to model how we can change the way we think about the business of […]

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Podcast 311 – Autumn Activities that Produce No Waste

Warning: You are moving into another dimension – a dimension of place, a dimension of time, and a dimension of space. You’re moving into a landscape of both science and art, of things and ideas. The story you are about to read is true. You’re now crossing over into the Learning Landscapes zone… In the […]

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Podcast 310 – Scarecrows in the Learning Landscape

How can we help our children explore and integrate the ethics and thinking tools of permaculture into the learning landscape? Think edges. Who else has children who are currently interested in Halloween? In the PERMIE KIDs Podcast today I model how we might in a sense catch and capture our children’s energy that springs from […]

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Podcast 309 – Perhaps What We Need Most is a Compelling Story

Basic needs: food, water, shelter… and storytelling? What if I were to propose that perhaps, just perhaps what we need most is a compelling story? If you want to spark curiosity, conversation and perhaps influence people to embrace particular values in their daily lives, tell a compelling story. It is through stories that natural relationships […]

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Podcast 308 – Kasserian Ingera? How are the Children?

Kasserian Ingera? This is the traditional greeting passed between those in the Maasai tribe, an accomplished and commonly fabled tribe in Africa. It means: And, how are the children? Are the children well? All children are our children and the children are not well. We are not well. Still in shock. Our collective hearts are […]

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Podcast 307 – Community Resources: Cardboard Challenge

In today’s PERMIE KIDs Podcast we hear about how some local community businesses can come together to form partnerships that organize and educate community while also demonstrating the power of using and valuing community resources. ECO City Farms and Community Forklift partnered with PERMIE KIDs to offer a kids’ cardboard challenge event that integrated the […]

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Podcast 306 – Integrating Lessons from Self-Organizing Systems into Learning Environments

Today’s PERMIE KIDs Podcast is a keynote presentation from Sugata Mitra, winner of the TED Award and famous for the “Hole in the Wall Experiment, ” at the annual (12th annual) AERO conference that took place earlier this summer. AERO is a gathering of people who are involved in alternative education – youth, parents, educators, […]

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Podcast 305 – Welcome Home Balance: Edge Alliance with Lisa Kohlhepp

Lisa Kohlhepp led the first Edge Alliance in a series to help us focus on seasonal exploration and inquiry to help children connect with their place and time (through the eyes of Mother Earth). Our Edge Alliances are not your typical webinar. They are online collaborative experiences where we can come together to learn from […]

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