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Podcast 321 – Creatively Co-Create the “Community Garden”

We are in the midst of change as spring has sprung here in the Northern Hemisphere. Many people are adapting to this change in the natural landscape by spending more time outside, watching the bees emerge to begin pollinating trees and plants or perhaps planning or even beginning to plant spring crops. Experienced gardeners often […]

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Podcast 320 – Food Forest Card Game

We may start with a story that helps us see the connections between and understand the why behind the “typical” Easter activities for kids involving bunny and colored eggs, but then we roll into an interview with Karl Treen about the Food Forest card game. This game looks to be a fun way to learn […]

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Podcast 319 – Inquiry Learing: Going Beyond This is Like That

In the last podcast I said I would bring into our consciousness a variety of educational ideas about how to engage children in conversation about All in Relation. We want to model and support children to see, hear, smell, taste and touch their way into this big idea through a variety of activities. All in […]

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Podcast 318 – Learning and Living All in Relation

Permaculture has the opportunity to become more than what it is. However, if the framework of permaculture is going to become an opportunity to really impact the future, we must re-think, re-design and re-frame it to address the causes of the challenges we face. This means it is more than a mechanism to address the […]

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Podcast 317 – Use and Value a Diversity of Connections

Today we are going to talk about connection, being in relation, building bridges. Specifically I want to talk about bringing a diversity of connections into our lives in order to build the bridges necessary for us and our children to make the jump from “the story” we are currently living in within the educational and […]

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Podcast 316 – The Riverside Project and Mid-Atlantic Permaculture Convergence

Emma Moulton Huvos joins us on the PERMIE KIDs Podcast today to talk about her story and journey to live a more authentic life and become a catalyst in making a change in the world. Emma is a certified teacher and permaculture designer, as well as the fourth generation of her family to live at […]

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Podcast 315 – 5 Ideas to Make This The Year of Small and Slow

A new year, a new opportunity to reflect and renew our beliefs, values and intentions. Many people create resolutions each year and then we hit the ground running trying to create big and important changes in our lives. There are of course big milestones worthy of marking and celebrating, but in many cases with the […]

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Changing the “Business” of Children’s (Permaculture) Education

How are the children? This way of greeting one another, based on the traditional greeting of the Maasai people, enlightens us to our roles and responsibilities as part of a whole system. It is not just parents who greet and respond to this question, but rather everyone who is part of the community. If we […]

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Podcast 314 – What If We Were in Conversation?

The Swedish word for business is näringsliv. It means “nourishment for life” or “nurturing life.” In English the word business means “to be busy” – “a state of being much occupied or engaged”, or “what one is about at the moment.” What are we about in every moment we are in the “business” of education […]

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Special Events and Celebrations

Paw Paw Festival at LongCreek Homestead Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 12:00-5:00 pm: Come link up with me and meet Michael and Ashley Judd of LongCreek Homestead for the first annual Paw Paw Festival in Frederick, MD. LongCreek Homestead is hosting a celebration of our largest native American fruit the paw paw – think creamy […]

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