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Podcast 09 -Meeting Your Child’s Needs with Differentiation

I want to share some thoughts about what will surely be just one of many postings on this subject because it is so important. How do you reach your child where he or she is currently at, based on what they already know? How are you going to facilitate your child’s development, regardless of what […]

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Podcast 08 -Bringing Permaculture to Children

Ok, what about the kids? How do we create our own permie kids? And, what resources exist to do this? The quick answer is not much and yet a surplus. Let me explain… Permaculture is often thought of in terms of sustainable, perennial landscaping or a scientific design system or an approach that helps us […]

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Podcast 07 – How Do Parents Bring Permaculture to Other Parents?

Today, I want to address the issue of influencing a school community or, for that matter, any other formal community or group like a spiritual or religious community, in which there are other parents who are key stakeholders. Just like we thought about the needs, wants, desires, and concerns of the administrators and teachers in […]

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Podcast 06 – How Does a Parent Bring Permaculture to Children in a School Setting?

Jack from The Survival Podcast (TSP) forwarded a question he got from a long-time listener named Doug who is looking to create a school garden, probably a raised bed garden, at his daughter’s preschool. Doug asked, “What resources are you aware of to indoctrinate children into permaculture ways?” He is specifically looking for things that […]

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Podcast 05 – Coming Together and Creating a Community

The permaculture following is growing, which is exciting and encouraging. I love having people pull over to ask me about some stakes I placed in my yard for swales this spring or hearing that a small farmstead near us is having volunteer day every Friday to help build hugelbeds. These actions taken can positively impact […]

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Podcast 04 – Educating and Learning… What is Your Role?

The most important and influential act that anyone can do is teach… no, what I really mean is facilitate learning, to educate purposefully and meaningfully. To “teach” conjures up images of a scholar and a student, a master and a learner, an expert imparting knowledge and a novice soaking it up like a sponge. However, this hierarchical, simplistic view of a […]

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Podcast 03 – First Steps to Seeing Yourself as an Educator

Start small and slow… taking responsibility for educating your child/children is not a sprint, but a marathon. If you do one thing, just one thing, a day to empower yourself and better your family you will succeed. After the previous podcast, I started hearing from people. The common thread in what I heard was that […]

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Podcast 02 – Everyone is a “Gardener” in the Lives of Children

Everyone is a Gardener: Tend to Your Garden Today An Educator Metaphor Sun-ripened tomatoes, sweet carrots, pungent green onions, sweet corn, rose-red strawberries, hearty potatoes, savory summer squash, fresh herbs, green snow peas, luscious blueberries, crunchy peppers, crisp apples, and nutrient rich soil… there is nothing more satisfying than a bountiful harvest and knowing that […]

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Podcast 01 – What is Permie Kids?

You and the children in your life don’t live in a world of problems, you live in a world full of solutions. You live in a world where the possibilities are endless and where you and your child can be empowered to take a solutions-based, active approach to life. This is what PERMIE KIDs is […]

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PERMIE KIDs is a community of parents and educators empowering children to take a solutions-based, active approach in life by learning to care for themselves, others, and the Earth. Viewing life through a lens of abundance and not a life of scarcity, children can then responsibly return surplus to further the care of people and […]

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