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Podcast 19 – How to Not Only Deal with Failure, But Use It to Build Resiliency

Although this quote has a very powerful message, it is missing a key component. Persistence and determination are not enough to result in omnipotence, or the ability to do or achieve anything. The “R” in PERMIE KIDs stands for “resilient” and this is what is missing in the final sentence of the quote. It should […]

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Podcast 18 – Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLEs)

If you haven’t heard of the Hole in the Wall experiment, Sugata Mitra, or SOLE, Self-Organized Learning Environments, then you are missing out on the future of education. If you are in or considering joining a local homeschool community (be it full-time or part-time in an afterschool or weekend capacity), consider taking Sugata Mitra’s challenge […]

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Podcast 17 – Inspiring Creativity

Too often people – teachers, politicians, parents, and even children – have such a narrow view of what it means to be educated that we hinder or even cripple development in areas that are essential for anyone to be able to reach their potential, or, for that matter, to even recognize what that potential might […]

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Podcast 16 – Creativity 101

In this show, I cover: Creativity as an academic discipline Workforce creativity – Earth and beyond, past and present Role of failure in creativity and education Levels of humanity References: Learning to Think Outside the Box: Creativity Becomes an Academic Discipline The Creative and Business Lessons of the Mars Rover Mars Science Laboratory JPL: Curiosity […]

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Podcast 15 – Consequences of Living a Life of Scarcity and P-20

In this show, I cover: Effects and consequences of living a life of scarcity How society has made living in “scarcity” the norm What makes certain children more “successful” than others Should the government should be our first solution and why it is for many FL politicians pass a law limiting testing… it’s not what […]

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Podcast 14 – Inspiring Writing with Nature and The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

My most inspiring “writing assignment” was… a realistic drawing lesson. Why teach art? More specifically, realistic drawing? Before children can read and write letters and numbers, they need to observe, recognize, describe, and reproduce basic art forms like straight, slanted, or curved lines, circles, dots, and more. These art forms are basic building blocks found […]

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Podcast 13 – Two Online Permaculture Design Games for Children

Two resource reviews today… In the video below I share my thoughts about and do a review of two online permaculture games for children. The first website I review is a “game” at that seems to be created for younger children, perhaps preschool through 7-8 years old. Overall, it gets a BIG boooooo! However, then […]

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Podcast 12 – Becoming Inquisitive by Learning About “Skinny” and “Fat” Questions

Today, I talk about a lesson plan focused on helping children become inquisitive, which is the first step in becoming a problem-solver and being able to take an active, solutions-based approach to life. To do this, children need to understand that there are different kinds of questions and that they can start to identify and […]

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Podcast 11 – What is the Common Core?

In this show, I cover: What is the Common Core? History and tie to No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Potential impact for me and the children in my life Who created the Common Core? Possible benefits and consequences Are states rebuffing Common Core? What a real revolution in education might entail References: Common Core Common Core […]

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Podcast 10 – Revolutionize Allowance

Allowance… tricky subject. When do you give it? How much? But, without a doubt, the most important questions you must answer are how and why it is earned. I talk about how one father’s idea for allowance is revolutionary, promoting problem-solving, innovation, and drive. This idea is also a way to teach a child about […]

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