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House Fire and Changes to My Permie Kids Work

House Fire & Resulting Changes * Please accept my apologies for the length of this post. I beg your forgiveness, but there is a lot I need to share. 1. Impactful Events = Unintended Consequences that Need to be Addressed There were a couple events recently that have had unintended but nonetheless impactful consequences. As […]

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Thanks and Giving

Did you know… Thanks and Giving Triple the impact of your support Next week is Giving Tuesday. This is a day of giving when people support their favorite causes. In advance, we’d like to share some special news. All contributions will be matched… dollar-for-dollar AND dollar-for-time, up to $5,000! It’s a great opportunity for PERMIE […]

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PERMIE KIDs Podcast 341 – 5 Favorite Nature Games

In today’s PERMIE KIDs Podcast we our 5 favorite nature games… at least our top five at the this point in time! The five games include Tree-Nut-Squirrel, Deer Ears and Fox Feet Meditation Sensory Awareness, Deer Ears Blindfold Awareness, Owl Eye, and Raccoon Hands Awareness. This Show We Explore: Grow Do It: Anything You Want, […]

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(Natural) Jump Rope

Who has made a grass jump rope? Super easy to make and yet very strong! Matt Bibeau from the Institute of Permaculture Education for Children (IPEC) not only showed participants in our recent Seventh Generation Education course how to make a grass rope, but also he modeled a fun way to use it. Imagine what […]

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Green Mom Profile: Jen Mendez

We wanted to share this fun Green Mom profile Shannon Brescher Shea wrote about Jen Mendez of PERMIE KIDs in which she responds to questions like: Why is it important to you to parent your kids in a “green” way? What are the biggest steps you’ve taken to be sustainable, especially as a parent? Has […]

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Who wants to grow a paw paw tree? Or two? Or six?!

We are giving away 50 stratified paw paw kits from Michael Judd, author of Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist. We only have 50 kits to give away, so unfortunately we don’t have many to share. If you have been wanting to grow your own, don’t wait! Now the big question you may be asking… […]

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PERMIE KIDs Newsletter – April 2017

PERMIE KIDs Newsletter – April 2017 Where Inspiration Grows and Education Nourishes Life Hello and How Are the Children? . In this newsletter you will find: News that Nourishes Life Regenerative Education Marketplace (*new CSE Seller Member alert!) Events and Gatherings  . I’d like to invite you to playfully explore the resources we are sharing […]

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PERMIE KIDs Podcast 340 – Learning Landscapes: Maps and Paths

In today’s PERMIE KIDs Podcast we discuss how children are naturally drawn to explore and understand Nature in their place and time. The reading of, playing with and making of maps and paths helps children develop a connection with and love for Earth. It is only for those things that we feel connected to, have […]

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Our Greatest Resource Needs… You!

Our children and our children’s children need you. This is why nature and community-oriented educational opportunities like What’s Home and Educational Design are so important for our future. Education nourishes life. It can help us and our children transition from the “me” to the “we” and embrace the awesome responsibility of being life nourishing stewards […]

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Trees Eat Us All

Check out this tribute, ‘Trees Eat Us All’ a rap epic featuring Hugo The Poet with Charlie Mgee from Formidable Vegetable Sound System, celebrating the life of Bill Mollison (1928-2016) often called the “father of permaculture.” I never met Bill personally, but a couple of weeks before he died, I received word from his daughter, Fran, […]

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