PERMIE KIDs accepts monetary payments, but we also welcome people to utilize our work-share-learn opportunities. At this time, due to the manual labor and time required, we only offer work-share-learn opportunities in exchange for the cost of Guild Membership or the local CEED programs offered by Jen in Maryland.

To take advantage of the work-share-learn opportunities, download the PERMIE KIDs Alternative Payment Membership Form and then immediately email to let me know what you have in mind.

This is a community that values self-empowerment, diversity, and ethical conduct and we believe we are all capable of negotiating an appropriate exchange of value for value. Capital, often thought of in terms of money, is simply an agreed upon symbol of exchange that allows the value from one form of capital to move into another. There are many different forms of value that people can exchange for other forms of value. In education that traditionally means we pay money (financial capital) in exchange for knowledge (intellectual capital).

PERMIE KIDs recognizes and values multiple forms of capital, including the 8 forms of capital* described below . We accept all any, all, or a combination of the following types of capital. All forms of capital other than U.S. Dollars, PayPal, precious metals, Bitcoin, Permacredits (when available), and credit card may require negotiation to determine the exact amount of value and the proposed values below are only initial estimates.

See below for some examples of work-share-learn opportunities or download the PERMIE KIDs Alternative Payment Membership Form for more information.

Financial Capital:

  • US Dollar
  • PayPal (done exclusively online)
  • Silver
  • Bitcoin (done exclusively online)
  • Permacredits (when available)
  • Credit card (done exclusively online, but I do not advocate taking debt even for something as valuable as education. If you feel this is your only option please e-mail me at and let’s see if there is some other arrangement we can find.)

Social Capital:

  • A presentation to your parent teacher’s organization, homeschool group, teacher training (potential value: one to three months membership)

Cultural Capital:

  • Songs – write and record songs specifically for our community (potential value: from one to three months membership)
  • Artwork created by you or your child specifically helpful or valuable to our community, e.g. paintings, photos, video, music (potential value: one to three months membership)

Intellectual Capital:

  • Lesson plans, e-books (potential value: one to three months membership)
  • If you are a subject matter expert and join us on (and lead) an Edge Alliance (potential value: one month membership)
  • Make a training video, e.g. how to upload and sell/trade your products/services (potential value: one to three months membership)

Material Capital:

  • Your award winning strawberry jam (potential value: two 8 oz jars for one month membership)
  • Original hand crafted items, e.g. handmade knife, beeswax candles, soap, woodwork, a quilt, etc. (potential value: one month to a year of membership)

Experiential Capital:

  • Pictures or videos of children’s projects created using the PERMIE KIDs methodology (potential value: one to three months memberships)
  • Forum moderator (potential value: up to one year’s membership)
  • Serve as a mentor to another educator within the PERMIE KIDs community (potential value: one to three months membership… or become a Seller Member  and post your service directly?)

Spiritual Capital:

  • A personal testament (created by you or your child) to the value of our community and this educational methodology that you share within and outside our community (potential value: one month membership)

Living Capital:

  • Heirloom seeds harvested from your own garden (potential value: one month membership)
  • Eggs to incubate and hatch, day old chicks (chicken, duck, or turkey) (potential value: one month membership)

To take advantage of the work-share-learn opportunities, download the PERMIE KIDs Alternative Payment Membership Form.

* It is critical that we give credit where credit is due, so thanks to Ethan Roland & Gregory Landua from AppleSeed Permaculture for originating the 8 forms of capital idea and terminology. Using this as a springboard, PERMIE KIDs has not only applied and extended these ideas to its broader business and educational practices, but also extended the definition and value of the original ideas to more fully incorporate the value in and that can come from this community.

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