(Natural) Jump Rope

Who has made a grass jump rope? Super easy to make and yet very strong!

Matt Bibeau from the Institute of Permaculture Education for Children (IPEC) not only showed participants in our recent Seventh Generation Education course how to make a grass rope, but also he modeled a fun way to use it.

Imagine what a game of tug of war would be like with this? What other games can you think of to play with a natural rope like this?

How do you make a natural jump rope? Harvest long, relatively thin blades of grass. Separate a handful of grass collected in half and rotate so there is consistency in the thickness and strength. Stack and overlap these bundles of grass by many inches until you have twice the desired length for your rope. Then, while one person holds the rope-to-be in the middle, the rest of the group twist both halves of the rope the same direction. As the rope is twisted the person in the middle can slowly loosen their grip and the two halves will start to intertwine. Once finished, you can tie a know at both ends and voila you have a natural jump rope.

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