Who wants to grow a paw paw tree? Or two? Or six?!

We are giving away 50 stratified paw paw kits from Michael Judd, author of Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist.

We only have 50 kits to give away, so unfortunately we don’t have many to share. If you have been wanting to grow your own, don’t wait!

Now the big question you may be asking… How do I get one?

For every gift of the heart of $25 or more to support our work,
we will give you a paw paw kit in gratitude!

Give $50, get two kits.

Give $100, get four kits.

What is included with each kit?
  • Information and directions to plant and grow paw paw trees
  • 2 x 9″ starter pots
  • 6 x stratified paw paw seeds ready to be planted (if you don’t want to plant directly in the ground)

Why a special starter pot? Because it has a tap root and by the time you start to see a bud pushing up through the surface, there is already a 9″ tap root!

IMPORTANT: If you choose to nourish life and give a gift of the heart and want a paw paw kit sent to you, you must complete a short questionnaire. This is how we know where to send your kit. 

Together, let’s nourish life and let inspiration grow!
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