Podcast 323 – Invitation to Create: Junk Re-Thunk with Brian Yanish

Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.

Charles Mingus

mark_vector_1400x1400 In today’s PERMIE KIDs Podcast Brian Yanish, creator of ScrapKins® and author of Junk Re-Thunk, joins us to talk about the importance of offering and accepting the invitation to create.

ScrapKins® is an NYC-based Creativity brand for kids that follows the adventures of a tribe of monsters who build their world out of the things we throw away. First created in 2006 based on Brian’s childhood drawings, the ScrapKins mission is to inspire creativity and DIY resourcefulness in kids everywhere. At the heart of ScrapKins and the book Junk Re-Thunk are the themes of creativity, imagination and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Blogger_headerThe idea of ScrapKins was born out of the imagination of Brian as a young child. As a kid one of his favorite things to do was draw monsters and make things in his father’s workshop. His mother, unbeknownst to him, saved many of these early drawings.

Years later she handed Brian a stack of drawings she had saved from childhood. Over time he revisited these drawings and used six to help create a fantasy world for the ScrapKins monsters in which they now live – “Scrap City” where they built everything out of the things we throw away.

Active creativity and the fantastical world of the ScrapKins ignite imaginative learning naturally and joyfully. Through the books, school visits, Recycled Art-Making workshops and videos, ScrapKins inspire children to turn milk cartons into pirate ships and towel tubes into dinosaurs by finding creativity in common materials.

SK1In this show we cover:

    • Creatively Rethinking Children’s Needs
    • The Invitation to Create
    • Junk Re-Thunk with Brian Yanish
    • Creativity, Play, Space, Resourcefulness, Resiliency = The Journey

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