Podcast 292 – What is Home?

… the choice is ours to make – having simply a place to live or, by understanding the land and caring for it, belonging to a living home.

Jeannie Baker, author notes in her book titled Home

What is home? If you asked the children in your life – your children, your neighbors or friends’ children – what would they say? How would they describe their home? Would they be thinking at all about what they might encounter if they were looking out their window?

Home v2Is home just a building to our children or are we helping them learn to cherish and nurture a living home whose “boundaries” include a connection and sense of belonging to the place and social community? What about the native plants and animals as well as the culture of the community? By developing a nurturing relationship with where we are, we are in turn nurtured and strengthen our understanding of our authentic selves.

In the PERMIE KIDs podcast today, my four-year-old son Antonio joins me (since he woke up early) to talk about what “home” means. Together we explore a new book (never seen by my son until this podcast) titled Home by Jeannie Baker. Antonio helps me describe and review the storyline so that we can share this resource with our community.

Home v3Let me close by quoting from the author, Jeannie Baker, who wrote in the author notes at the end of the book, “… the choice is ours to make – having simply a place to live or, by understanding the land and caring for it, belonging to a living home.”

Choose to change the story. Choose to help our children learn how to value and nourish life.

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In this show I cover:

  • What is home? 4-year-old answer
  • Resource review: Home by Jeannie Baker

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