Podcast 179 – Kelly Hogan from Mother Earth School and the Institute of Permaculture for Children (IPEC) on Being a Permaculture for Youth and Kids Educator

Permaculture is the conscious creation of a regenerative system that reflects the inherent balance, stability, and harmony of nature. Education should be the same.

Mother Earth School and IPEC website

Meet Kelly Hogan, an incredible woman and dedicated educator that embraces all the characteristics, ethics, and values we talk about within our community. Kelly joined us in a recent Edge Alliance to talk about her journey as an educator for Mother Earth School and Institute of Permaculture Education for Children (IPEC). She has helped establish and run the Foundation to Permaculture for Youth and Children Educators training and now an Advanced Course in Portland, OR. Adding an important perspective to our conversation is Marissa, a PERMIE KIDs parent, educator, and founder of PermaCognition who recently attended the Advanced Permaculture for Youth and Child Educators program. What a wonderful conversation with two incredible, dedicated people, educators, and permaculture enthusiasts!

In this show I cover:

  • Kelly’s personal journey to her current “home” with IPEC and Mother Earth School
  • Difference between a teacher and a mentor
  • Knowledge, concepts, or skills are needed to have a solid foundation as a permaculture youth and child educator
  • Exploration of “diversity” in the context of community and educators
  • Wisdom Council of elders in a school community… relates to our recent podcasts about rites of passage

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Additional Resources and Information:

Kelly Hogan: or general inquiries or for inquiries about the Permaculture Youth and Child Educator courses

Permaculture-related activities document with 40+ ideas authored by Kelly and IPEC

Institute of Permaculture for Children (IPEC) Educator Training Courses

Mother Earth School

The Permaculture Podcast 2012 Interview of Kelly Hogan and IPEC (fun to hear how far she and the program have come)

Marissa Gates can be contacted at for inquiries about the Las Vegas permaculture group or PermaCognition: Conscious Design of the Productive Mind

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