Podcast 78 – Evaluating Multiple Perspectives on Time

So, it’s funny that when you actually apply these radical core principles, people think you’re nuts. But yet, I think a lot of times we take these principles as a hobby. We have our herb spiral and we think our permaculture done. So we’re trying to invite people to really embody these principles, which when you do it, your life will not look the same. – Ethan Hughes, The Permaculture Podcast interview with Ethan Hughes on Radical Possibilities

I want to share some resources to help you, the educator, to start thinking about how you view time, other perspectives on time, how your perspectives influence your decisions and what you are modeling for your child, and what setting limitations can do to change a person’s perspective of time as abundant versus scarce.

Evaluating multiple perspectives on time will impact your thought-process regarding time management, which is important because it will influence how your child perceives time and what areas to focus on when educating about time and time management. It is a hard question to ask and answer, but I think there is value in asking ourselves what exactly we (and our children) want to learn about time management. Are you looking for a technique to better balance or stack functions in life to get more done in less time? Sometimes there is value to this ability. Or, are you looking for lessons that challenge how time is currently perceived in order to redefine priorities and how to spend time? This approach to learning about time management is completely different from the standard quo, but is much more in line with the permaculture ethics. It offers children a different perspective with which to evaluate, compare, and contrast. Both approaches have usefulness and challenges.

Ultimately, it’s not about finding the “right” answer, but instead using critical thinking skills to explore different perspectives on the same topic and evaluate when, why, and how to apply this new knowledge to learning and life.

In this show I cover:

  • Cyclical vs. linear time and its influence on ethos
  • 6 personal time perspectives (often unrealized) that influence daily decisions
  • Can limitations create abundance in time?

Additional Resources:

The Permaculture Podcast: Practical Possibilities with Ethan Hughes

Transcript of the Practical Possibilities interview

The Permaculture Podcast: Radical Possibilities with Ethan Hughes

Transcript of the Radical Possibilities interview


Carl Honore TED Talk on In the Praise of Slowness (note: there are adult topics discussed)

Philip Zimbardo TED Talk on The Psychology of Time

Podcast 39 – Time is a Story: Think Patterns and Details

PERMIE KIDs’ Hangout for Educators – 4 p.m. May 18, 2014… email me at if you want to join me and others for this hangout. I have to limit the number to 10.

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