Podcast 13 – Two Online Permaculture Design Games for Children


Two resource reviews today… In the video below I share my thoughts about and do a review of two online permaculture games for children. The first website I review is a “game” at┬áthat seems to be created for younger children, perhaps preschool through 7-8 years old. Overall, it gets a BIG boooooo! However, then I review an interesting and worthwhile “game” at, which is geared more towards older children who are reading or for use with younger children, or those not yet reading, with direct assistance. This assistance could be from a parent, professional educator, or even another child who is capable of reading and working with the other child. This website offers a beta version of a video game that, from the information provided is under development. The final version was supposed to be finished already and it doesn’t appear to be based on the information from the site, but no matter. For any educator and/or permaculture enthusiast looking to help children develop an insight into the complexities of permaculture thinking, the FREE beta version has great value. It isn’t perfect and I’m going to try to contact the company to get an update on the final product. Perhaps, I’ll have an update in the near future.



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